Expediting software startups to product-market fit

Dear founder. The venture road is long, full of roadblocks, and wrong turns. It takes a lot of experience to get innovative ideas off the ground on a tight runway. If you need someone that knows their way around ideation, design, and product management, you have come to the right place…

How to go here — there from *scratch*

Finding a product-market fit is tough. Innovating while creating a market or catching-up with predecessors is near impossible. 9/10 startups flop; 7 due to product failures. To gain traction, you need solid UX and business acumen, but you can only afford a designer or a product manager.

Beginnings are about a different approach. If fast growth is sprinting, R&D feels like a marathon. Where the former takes a battalion of agile specialists, the latter is a job for a SWAT team of resilient generalists.

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Consulting firmly rooted in digital craftsmanship

about:blank studio provides a Swiss army knife skill set and discipline for implementing big ideas in small steps. Paired with wisdom to get there faster by avoiding pitfalls. Based on 15+ years of learning How to Fly a Horse by working for B2B and B2C market leaders.

What you see is what you get. A juggernaut strategy stemming from cunning tactics. No gimmicks, buzzwords, or chasing trends. “Just” effective and honest products with character.

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Natan Nikolic — Product designer/manager — London, UK

Before venturing out, I shaped creative tools and talent as VP of Product at Celtra. Our work improved UX of ads and powered campaigns by Google, Facebook, Uber, Netflix, Vice, and other digital household names. I also worked with the founders of TransferWise, Flaviar, 3fs, and a few less fortunate start-ups.

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