To create a product that resonates with customers, a company must successfully orchestrate technology, design, and business into a fine-tuned composition.

about:blank is a design studio with a track record in expediting digital innovations from conception to adoption. Its mission is straightforward: to be a trustworthy partner and nurture great user experience every step of the way.

Helping start-up founders:

  • Analyse markets and competitors

    To conquer the world, you must map it first. I track down players, gather intel, and analyse competitive products to produce reports that paint a bigger picture of your ecosystem than numbers alone.
    • Competitor analysis
    • Market research and segmentation
    • Demand validation
    • UX research
  • Ideate and validate product ideas

    They say measure twice and cut once. So, I poke holes in our assumptions to isolate points of failure. Then devise prototypes, proof of concepts and other heuristics to potentially prevent an expensive mistake.
    • Design sprint fascilitation
    • Speculative design
    • Rapid prototyping and PoC design
    • Solution and monetisation validation
    • Minimum Viable Brand design
  • Raise funding and strike partnerships

    Behind every great hustler, there is a great storyteller. Like a biographer, I get up close and personal to tell a compelling narrative of your vision. Until we write, direct, and produce a pitch deck that can “sell water to a well”.
    • Product positioning
    • Pitch deck production
    • Marketing collateral design
  • Build a minimum viable product

    Congrats, you got the dough. Now it’s time to cook up a storm. I rally stakeholders around UX by structuring information and designing UIs. We simplify the frontend by reworking the backend and deliver a fully functional app in nimble releases.
    • Product strategy directing
    • Product management
    • Specifications and documentation writing
    • User-centered app and web design (IA/UX/UI/IxD)
    • Product reviews and QA
  • Go to market and gain traction

    Working in advertising has taught me that “marketing is not a department”. We can all contribute to reaching the hearts and minds of customers. I do it with plain words and striking images that succeed in getting them to care.
    • Customer acquisition strategy
    • Content strategy
    • Product marketing messaging and design
    • Advertising creative and art direction
  • Define success and measure progress

    You can’t fight what you can’t see. I subject the UX hypothesis to reality by choosing the right KPIs and designing experiments to measure them. Then translate data into user behaviour insights that lead to actionable conclusions.
    • North star and KPIs determination
    • Analytics and reporting set-up
    • Product roadmapping
  • Calibrate for product-market fit

    Software is never done. I pump insights from all sources of feedback to direct ongoing efforts towards the higher acquisition, lower churn and wider moat. Until it’s time to recruit a successor with expertise in scaling the operation.
    • Experiment design, surveying, and usability testing
    • Product auditing and diagnosing
    • Conversion and retention optimisation
    • On-site Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
    • App Store Optimisation (ASO)
  • Assisting scale-up teams with:

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    Natan Nikolic — Product designer/manager — London, UK

    Before venturing out, I designed creative tools and led teams as VP of Product at Celtra. Our work improved UX of ads and powered campaigns by Google, Facebook, Uber, Netflix, Vice, and other digital household names. I also worked with founders of TransferWise, Flaviar, Toothpick, 3fs, and other start-ups.

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